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Benefactor Group proudly announces the strategic expansion of its team with the appointment of accomplished leader Christine Gomez. Christine joins as Consultant, leveraging her expertise in data management and higher education advancement operations.
February 29, 2024
Meet our newest “Bene”, Christine Gomez, in our latest edition of “Why I Serve.” Christine reflects on what inspires her to support the common good, the future of philanthropy and nonprofit technology, and the importance of pets. Help us welcome Christine to the team!
February 29, 2024
How is your organization performing against its strategic plan? How far away are you from reaching your goals? What are your priorities and are you on track to achieve them? Is your staff doing what they need to be doing?
February 14, 2024
Benefactor Group proudly announces the strategic expansion of its team with the appointment of Jenny Bergman as Senior Consultant. This marks a significant step forward in Benefactor Group's commitment to enhance interim services for nonprofit organizations.
February 1, 2024
Meet our newest “Bene”, Jenny Bergman, in our latest edition of “Why I Serve.” Jenny reflects on philanthropy, the common good, and how kitchen table gatherings taught her the importance of community and civil engagement. Get to know Jenny today!
February 1, 2024
Over the next 20 years, it is estimated that more than $84 trillion in cash and assets will transfer from Silent Generation and Baby Boomer households​ to their heirs—as well as to their nonprofits of choice. Experts believe that almost $12 trillion of this monumental sum will be contributed to nonprofits. 
January 16, 2024
Let’s assume you already have a clear vision for a capital campaign and a sense of the cost to achieve that vision. For example, you want to build a new wing at your museum or hospital, and you believe it will cost $30 million. Understanding your goal is key, of course—but is it just a
December 20, 2023

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