Nonprofit Technology

Your job is to raise money, grow membership, support your mission. You need the systems and the process in place to give you the meaningful, actionable data. Benefactor Group helps nonprofits find, implement, and make the best use of technology and data.

Nonprofit organizations seek out Benefactor Group when they need to:

  • Leverage data and technology to be more effective
  • Find a new fundraising system
  • Manage a software implementation project
  • Improve the effectiveness of development operations

Find the Right Technology

A sound fundraising CRM system is the foundation for a successful nonprofit. It affects your ability to do raise money, manage staff, improve performance…to achieve your mission.

Our methodology guides nonprofits through the process of defining their needs and ensuring the evaluation is designed to meet those needs (in other words, we don’t get distracted by the shiny stuff). Our process includes:

  • Needs Analysis and Requirements Definition
  • Request For Proposal
  • Vendor Scorecard
  • Managing Vendor Communication
  • Scripted Demonstrations
  • Due Diligence

Finding Fundraising CRM Software

Download this free guide to gain insights on:

  • Finding the right Fundraising CRM software for your nonprofit

Systems Implementation Project Management

Project management is about control – controlling the budget, scope, schedule, communication, and the quality of the deliverables. Your project will change, certainly. Change is not the thing to worry about. Being out of control is. Avoid scary questions like, “Why do you need more money?” or “Why do you need more time?”

We will manage all aspects of your project, using our rigorous project management methodology informed by our decades working on nonprofit technology projects.

  • Our methodology includes:
  • Project Scoping
  • Planning and Initiation
  • Resource Allocation
  • Schedule Development
  • Ongoing Management
  • Change Control

Becoming a Learning Nonprofit

Learning nonprofits have a clear and measurable strategy, effective monitoring practices, and they leverage data with analytics.

Using information to improve your organization or department is more than buying a new database or a reporting tool.  Those are important, but they are elements of a solution, not the solution itself.  In order to become a data-driven, learning nonprofit, it is important to ensure that the measures and KPI you use derive from metrics that matter to your organization.  Ultimately, they must be connected to your mission.  If not, you may be wasting your energy.

We can help you organization leverage its data to become better and learn every day.

Our approach includes:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Defining Strategic Objectives
  • Identifying Meaningful Measures
  • Using the Right Systems and Deploying the Measures
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Fostering Ongoing Learning and Improvement

Optimize What You Have

Getting better doesn’t always mean buying new software. Oftentimes you can make a meaningful difference by improving the systems and people already in place.  We can help you make sure your business processes serve your goals and are in line with best practices.

Our services include:

  • Systems and Operations Audit
  • Defining Key Process Metrics
  • Evaluating your Data Coding Structure
  • Improving Business Processes
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence Assessment
  • Staffing Review
  • Benchmarking