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Your job is to raise money, grow membership, support your mission. You need the systems and the process in place to give you the meaningful, actionable data. Benefactor Group helps nonprofits find, implement, and make the best use of technology and data.

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AI And Nonprofits: Not If Or When, But How

According to, 89% of nonprofits agree that AI will improve efficiency, but only 28% say they use it. Is your favorite cause using AI? Before you answer, ask yourself whether a writer might be using ChatGPT to draft the thank-you note you just received or whether prospect research is running your personal data through a predictive analytics tool—unbeknownst to you or management. Both of these casual uses of AI could bear fruit or create policy dilemmas and even reputational risk. Nonprofit organizations rely on trust, which can be enhanced or undermined through the good or bad use of AI. 

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