Our Values

We are as good at our work. When our name is on it, it means we’ve thought about it, discussed it, reviewed it, edited it, and proofed it. When we struggle, we stick with it. Sometimes that means starting early. Sometimes it means working late. Benefactor Group expects and encourages high performance. We are serious about our work. It reflects who we are.

We are curious and excited to learn. A casual lunchtime comment sparks lively discussion, a paper, a partnership. We debate and encourage constructive conflict. We don’t leave well enough alone. We tweak, revisit, and improve; or discover that the original approach is best. We are drawn to places of intellectual exchange—conferences, forums, leadership associations. We read a lot, explore a lot, and always have questions.

While our values unite us, we do not all fit the same mold—and we celebrate our diversity. An effective team includes analysts, creatives, idealists, pragmatists, extroverts, and introverts. We strive to be authentic with one another. We all have bad days, get stuck, and have doubts. Benefactor Group is a safe place to ask questions admit challenges. People do their best work when they present their true selves. Here, you can be yourself.

We are confident that our clients can succeed. We build on what is strong—appreciation, gratitude, positivity—because organizations change in the direction they inquire. We search for solutions grounded in what is best about our clients. When faced with a challenge, we look for opportunities. We are quick to offer praise and careful to offer criticism only when it fosters growth. We do not avoid difficult news. When we tell the hard truth, we tell it kindly. Our language and actions come from a place of caring.