Strategic Planning

Our clients want to make the world a better place. We help them create the strategy and define the detailed actions needed to achieve that.

Our Approach

Benefactor Group’s approach to strategic planning is born from decades of experience working with nonprofit organizations. Many strategic planning methodologies are built with for-profit organizations in mind – we have tailored the most valuable aspects of those approaches to our clients. Nonprofits have different and special needs.

How do you best include the board?
How does the plan inform fundraising?
How are you addressing the interests of your constituencies?
How does your plan affect the community at large?
What structure and culture are necessary to achieve the plan?

Benefactor Group does not use a “just add water” methodology. We employ aspects of Appreciative Inquiry, Jim Collins’ ideas in Good to Great and Built to Last; Kaplan and Norton’s work with balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps, and Creating High-Impact Nonprofits by McLeod & Crutchfield, just to name a few.

Benefactor Group has created an unparalleled strategic planning toolkit that combines the best and most effective aspects of strategic planning resources, with the craftsmanship brought by our team of nonprofit experts.

Components of a Benefactor Group Strategic Plan

When the project is complete, the client will have the following deliverables.

  • Core Principles and Values Statement
  • Core Purpose and Mission Statement
  • Vision for the Future
  • Strategic Objectives List
  • Measures and Targets
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Control