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Whether it’s for day-to-day fundraising or for special development tasks—building long-term relationships, creating member and donor benefits that keep ‘em coming back, or cultivating your own skills—Benefactor Group will help you fine-tune the tools that increase your organization’s capacity.


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Ready, Set, GO! How To Move Beyond the Campaign Planning Phase

Successful campaigns are rooted in careful planning. It’s essential to lay the foundational building blocks early in the process. This includes generating the big ideas that will inspire donors’ most meaningful gifts, conducting a feasibility study, and evaluating your nonprofit CRM to make sure it’s serving your needs.

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Are Retention Bonuses the Answer to Campaign Team Turnover?

Given today’s competitive workforce environment, and the essential role that development teams play in fundraising campaigns, more organizations are asking, “How can we retain our staff during a campaign?”

It’s a million-dollar question, quite literally. A campaign’s success hinges on key employees—including CEOs, development directors, campaign coordinators, stewardship officers, database managers, and the program staff who deliver on the campaign’s promises. When a Tennessee nonprofit lost its executive director, for example, it took two years of relationship (re)building to secure commitments from its largest funders. Many organizations simply cannot afford such delays.

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Many windmills are visible against a blue sky. Overlaid text reads "Ten Signs Your Nonprofit Needs a New CRM"

10 Signs Your Nonprofit Needs a New CRM

Your mission is the heart of your organization. Your donors and volunteers are its lifeblood, an indispensable force that brings strength and vitality. Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is like the circulatory system, connecting you to your donors and harnessing their power to fuel your mission.

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