Capital Campaigns

Our Process

Benefactor Group has spent decades studying the qualities of effective 
campaigns. Successful campaigns are built on a foundation of these essential elements: a highly regarded organization, a compelling case for support, committed volunteer leaders, generous leadership gifts, and strong infrastructure.

To assess these elements—and position your organization for a successful campaign—we use a proven approach.


  • Understand your mission, vision, and campaign goals 
  • Explore unique campaign opportunities
  • Assign clear roles and points of contact

Preliminary Case for Support

  • Crystallize your vision for the future
  • Ensure internal buy-in and alignment around your vision 
  • Build a case that substantiates, differentiates, and resonates

External Discovery

  • Develop the right campaign goal to test
  • Adapt discovery questions to your needs
  • Engage your most influential stakeholders in confidential interviews and group discussions

Internal Discovery

  • Assess the readiness of your people, processes, technology, and culture
  • Produce an internal readiness scorecard
  • Provide actionable recommendations to close gaps


  • Conduct deep quantitative and qualitative analysis of discovery data
  • Evaluate the historical giving and capacity of your donor pool to inform a campaign goal
  • Conduct a team analysis session to gather diverse perspectives

Findings and Recommendations

  • Present findings and a clear path forward to your leaders
  • Suggest candidates for volunteer leadership and lead gifts
  • Produce a comprehensive final report with  proven strategies

Raise more money

What I appreciated about Benefactor Group was their diverse expertise. Their team has technology experts, communications specialists, strategists for major donor conversations, and more—and can bring all those skills to meet the many needs and opportunities that arise during a campaign.

—Erika Gable, Vice President for Development, Columbus College of Art & Design

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