Capital Campaigns


At Benefactor Group, our diverse experiences as fundraisers, corporate grantmakers, strategists, and thought leaders give us the depth of knowledge required to support your capital campaign needs. Our experience informs our process and our method, which are tailored to your organization as we build an individualized capital campaign solution for you. Our campaign services include conducting feasibility studies and planning assessments, writing cases for support, providing campaign coaching and management, conducting mid-campaign assessments and developing campaign materials.

How can we help you?

Unlock better donor communications

This month, a few members of the Benefactor Group team attended the 2023 Bridge Conference to present on a favorite topic: how to effectively communicate with donors through the lifecycle of a campaign.

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Your Campaign is Over! Before You Pop the Cork…

Imagine: three years ago (or perhaps five…or seven…or even ten!), your organization embarked on an ambitious fundraising campaign. You set your sights high with your largest-ever campaign goal. You perfected your case for support, and created a much-loved campaign brand. You recruited a top-tier cohort of volunteers that faithfully shepherded the campaign through highs and lows. You identified, nurtured, stewarded, cultivated, and solicited some of the largest gifts your organization has ever received, and rallied the public around your cause.

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Charitable Giving Tends To Grow, So Why Worry?

There are fault lines in the philanthropic landscape. Participation has declined steadily for two decades: Today, fewer than half of households report making a charitable gift each year. Compare this to 2000, when 66% of American households donated to charity.

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