Endowment Building


As on-going and future sources of income for your organization, endowment funds and planned giving are what enable you to enhance your stability and credibility within your community. We work with you to develop strategies that fit your vision, mission, and fundraising objectives—and appeal to your donors—to help ensure your organization’s long-term sustainability.

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Charitable Giving Tends To Grow, So Why Worry?

There are fault lines in the philanthropic landscape. Participation has declined steadily for two decades: Today, fewer than half of households report making a charitable gift each year. Compare this to 2000, when 66% of American households donated to charity.

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3 Steps To Establish an Endowment at Your Nonprofit

If you’re like the executive leaders at most nonprofits, the state of your organization’s finances is a matter of ongoing concern. Whether you rely solely on fundraising to fuel your nonprofit’s mission or manage a number of revenue streams, achieving financial stability is undoubtedly a top priority.

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