Endowment Building


As on-going and future sources of income for your organization, endowment funds and planned giving are what enable you to enhance your stability and credibility within your community. We work with you to develop strategies that fit your vision, mission, and fundraising objectives—and appeal to your donors—to help ensure your organization’s long-term sustainability.

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What’s next for higher ed fundraising?

We’ve all seen recent headlines warning of the bleak future ahead for higher education fundraising.
Certainly, the sector is navigating challenging waters. Student loan debt remains a topic of great national importance, and conversations have continued about the value of a four-year degree. We recognize these challenges and shifts—and also see great hope ahead.

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12 Trillion Reasons to Build Your Planned Giving Program

Over the next 20 years, it is estimated that more than $84 trillion in cash and assets will transfer from Silent Generation and Baby Boomer households​ to their heirs—as well as to their nonprofits of choice. Experts believe that almost $12 trillion of this monumental sum will be contributed to nonprofits. 

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Charitable Giving Tends To Grow, So Why Worry?

There are fault lines in the philanthropic landscape. Participation has declined steadily for two decades: Today, fewer than half of households report making a charitable gift each year. Compare this to 2000, when 66% of American households donated to charity.

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