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12 Steps to Find New Fundraising CRM Software  

Download this free guide to learn the 12 steps for selecting a CRM for your organization Step 1: Recognize the value of the process Step 2: Assemble your team Step 3: Understand the strategic drivers Step 4: Define your requirements Step 5: Write the RFP Step 6: Do your research Step … Read More

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How Technology Can Improve Your Referral-Based Philanthropy Program  

In our work with hospitals, the topic of “grateful patient and family programs” comes up often. They have the potential to be a meaningful source of philanthropic revenue and should be standard practice for hospital foundations. However, many institutions struggle to move from aspiration (aka: good intentions) to achieving results. … Read More

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Nonprofit Forum Series: Building nonprofit capacity through technology.  

Please join The Columbus Foundation and Nonprofit Tech Affinity Club Columbus for this three-part Nonprofit Forum series dedicated to building nonprofit capacity through technology. Session 1: Tips and Tools for Crowdfunding Success May 2, 2018 Session 2: The Fundamentals of Being a Data Driven Nonprofit August 15, 2018 Session 3: … Read More

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