Free Whitepaper: Chasing A Unicorn: Nonprofits Strive To See A Complete View Of Their Constituents

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Angie Connors started giving to your organization in 2013—she mostly donates online, but she sometimes sends checks by mail. She’s attended a few events, donated an in-kind item at Thanksgiving, liked your Facebook page, and sometimes volunteers around the holidays. How do you keep track of Angie?

Of course you know who Angie is, but do you really understand what a deep affinity she has for your organization? Her gifts are modest, but she has the ability to move to the next level, and she may be a great planned giving candidate. Among all the names in your database(s), does she pop up? Or, do you treat her like everyone else?

National organizations, including Ohio Nonprofits, strive to become “donor centric.” Does Angie feel like you really understand her?

Purpose Of This Project

Through this report, we aim to give a candid overview of the nonprofit technology landscape. We suspect that “a 360-degree constituent view” is treated like the elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow—and that very few nonprofits ever reach that gold. As in any sampling, there were outliers in our study: a select few organizations achieving a complete constituent picture, or at least getting close. But these organizations do not represent the sector.

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