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Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

A capital campaign is a powerful, one-of-a-kind opportunity to transform your organization. When done correctly, a capital campaign:

  • Renews and deepens existing donor relationships;
  • Builds new relationships and a broader base of support;
  • Raises the overall level of donor investment in your organization; and
  • Differentiates your organization as a vital community asset.

Capital campaigns combine vision, capacity, and donor potential in a carefully planned case for support that appeals to the hearts and minds of donors. How do you know if you are ready for a campaign? Success will happen if five essential elements are met. Ask yourself these questions within each element to find out if you are ready.

Your organization has earned the respect of it’s constituents and community by providing outstanding services and programs.

  • What would the community say are your organization’s strengths?
  • What would the community say are your organization’s greatness challenges?
  • Do people outside of your organization recognize the impact your organization has on the community?
  • Do people trust your organization with their money?
  • Do your community partners speak highly of your organization?


Your organization has a compelling case for support that describes fundraising goals as sound philanthropic investments that appeal to prospective donors.

  • Are your campaign goals focused on a documented community need?
  • Are the campaign goals a part of your organization’s strategic plan?
  • How strong is your campaign case for support?
  • Does your case for support convey a sense of urgency to encourage immediate action by the donors?


Your organization has a committed board and leaders who will devote their time and talent to achieve the fundraising goals.

  • Are the CEO and staff leadership ready and able to devote time and energy to the campaign?
  • Have board members played a role in developing the campaign goals?
  • Have you cultivated relationships with individuals of influence and affluence who could lead the campaign?
  • Are there members of the board who can make leadership gifts to the campaign? Are they passionate about the campaign goals?
  • Will 100 percent of the board give to the campaign?
  • Are your board members involved in the cultivation and solicitation of major donors?
  • Do your campaign goals inspire members of the community to step up and volunteer?


Your organization receives major gifts that inspire generosity from others.

  • Have you cultivated good relationships with and engagement of major donors?
  • Is there ample philanthropic potential within your prospect pool?
  • Have you identified and nurtured prospects that have the capacity to give a lead gift of approximately 20 percent of the campaign goal?
  • Do you have stories to tell about the impact of philanthropic gifts on the people you serve?


Your organization has the technology, systems, processes, and people in place and aligned to serve the needs of the campaign.

  • How do you evaluate development performance?
  • What is the source of all data/information inputs?
  • What types of data are you receiving?
  • How does the data get into the system?
  • How are you using the system to track it (e.g., codes, attributes, etc.)?
  • Do you have staff aligned to work on the campaign?
  • Do you know what skills are required to manage the campaign effectively?
  • Do you have the donor systems and policies in place?


When these questions are answered, your organization is well positioned to achieve this one-of-a-kind opportunity. So, are you ready?  Learn more about how Benefactor Group can help you achieve capital campaign goals. Complete this form.  Or, contact Lisa Buckley: [email protected].

has more than a decade of experience in philanthropy and fundraising, working with both corporations and nonprofits.

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