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Free Whitepaper: Conquest or Cause? Which Strategy Will Guide Your Next Campaign

In a recent study, the Nonprofit Research Collaborative found that 56% of nonprofit organizations are either in the midst of a capital campaign or are planning for their next one. In some sectors—like higher education—campaigns have become a permanent feature of the fundraising landscape. With shifting donor demographics and growing interest in the long-term impact of donations, today’s fundraisers must create innovative campaigns that appeal to a broad range of supporters if their goal is long-term sustainability. 

For many nonprofit leaders, planning a campaign strategy comes down to the question of “conquest or cause?”

For more information on capital campaign strategy or more studies performed by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, visit our blog.

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Conquest or Cause: Which Approach is Right for Your Capital Campaign?

Your campaign approach determines everything from monetary goals to messaging. So getting clear on which approach is wisest is mission critical. Let this comprehensive guide help you determine whether your head or your heart should lead the way.

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