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Checklist for Capital Campaign Readiness

You’ve made plans and set priorities for the year. Do those plans include a capital campaign? Depending on when you start the campaign this year, reference the following checklist to determine if you are ready.  (And if you are not yet ready, check out these useful resources to learn more.)

When your campaign is three months away, you should have:

  • A complete and articulate case for support
  • A strong feasibility study
  • An educated board and leadership ready for the campaign
  • Major donors ‘in the loop’ to avoid capital campaign fatigue before it starts
  • Data management and adequate staffing in place to ensure success

When your campaign is six months away, you should have:

  • Significant progress on the feasibility study
  • Staff infrastructure, database systems, and processes in place for optimal support
  • New gift policies and procedures specific to the campaign
  • Reviewed proposal deadlines from major grant-makers to be sure they’re incorporated into your campaign timeline

When your campaign is nine months away, you should have:

  • An experienced fundraising consultant to guide the campaign
  • Initiated the creation of a strong case for support
  • Provided the board with information and education about the campaign process
  • Due diligence on project costs, and understand the details of the campaign
  • A regular solicitation calendar to stay in touch with donors

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