Best Reasons to Hire a Fundraising Consultant

This is the year to thrive, to make the most of your mission, and to serve the common good as never before. As you review the priorities that will make these aspirations happen, consider the kind of help that would mean the most to you and your organization. And ask yourself some questions:

  • What activities are required to make our mission shine and take our organization to the next level?
  • Do we have all the skills necessary to ensure success?
  • Do we have a plan to make that success a reality?
  • Do we have time to cover all the bases and keep up with the latest, greatest fundraising ideas?

If you can’t answer yes to the last three questions, consider engaging a consultant to boost your fundraising success. You can begin small—with guidance for a single project or selected tasks—and add consulting services as needed to accomplish everything up to reorganization of your fundraising operations or a major comprehensive campaign. You will see a return on your investment, in benefits that are both short- and long-term for your organization.

So, when you hire a consultant, what should you expect?

  1. Expertise and Diverse Skills
    We know the members of your staff bring invaluable skills to your organization. Sometimes you just need talents that are not already on board. We can provide experience and know-how in all aspects of fundraising to broaden your potential for success.
  2. Fresh Perspectives on Your Organization
    We’ll bring a new set of eyes to help you get an overview of operations, programs, and projects. With this broader vantage—and a good look at the “forest” rather than the individual “trees”—you can make solid plans for fundraising initiatives that will fulfill long-term goals and objectives.
  3. Additional Organizational Capacity
    Many nonprofits can’t hire enough personnel to cover all the work that needs to be done. When you take on fundraising for a special project or a campaign, for example, you’ll want someone who thinks about that initiative 24/7. That’s what we do. We’ll focus on your fundraising goals around the clock—even when you have to think about other things.
  4. Processes, Systems, Strategies that Work
    With more than a century of accumulated experience, we know the business of fundraising and nonprofit leadership development. We can help you set priorities, keep deadlines, measure success. We have the expertise and we’ll assist with all the details.  Since Benefactor Group was established, we’ve done more than a hundred feasibility studies for organizations of all sizes and many have resulted in campaigns for nonprofits across the country.  Through an in-depth analysis of fundraising operations, we’ve created dozens of development plans and roadmaps to successful fundraising. And one of our colleagues—a published authority on planned giving and endowments—has great ideas for long-term sustainability and keeping donors engaged for a lifetime.
  5. Staff and Volunteer Leadership Development
    Strong leadership is everything. Maybe your board members wish for tools that make them more effective, your staff is in search of professional development, or you know there’s a staff leadership transition coming up. We can help recruit, educate, and coach both volunteer leaders and staff with the passion to see your organization succeed.
  6. Connections to Best Practices and Fundraising Trends
    You have expectations to meet—your own among the most important. We know best practices, industry standards, and fundraising methods that work. And we can open doors to a wide variety of information and resources.

As you contemplate your aspirations for this year, you may linger over the cost of assistance to accomplish the ends you’re dreaming about. But a good partnership with your consultant will bring you and your organization lasting benefits. And, rather than an expense, your engagement with the consultant will offer a solid return on your investment.

Now, check out “How to Pick a Consultant (and not come home with a dog)” for suggestions about engaging a consultant who can help you make this a banner year and an unqualified fundraising success.