Ready for Change?

The changing conditions in 2020 created new challenges for donors and fundraisers as we move through 2021. Yet, we believe there is a path to emerge stronger than before the pandemic. Here’s how:


Reinvent your capital campaign

Your long-term vision may be the same, but how you achieve that vision may change. Capital Campaigns adapted to past disruptions by extending deadlines, shifting messages, and offering flexible gift terms. Many still achieved their goals, although it took a year or two longer than planned.      

We can help you assess the current situation and develop a new plan for the path forward. The key is communication and aligning purpose with donor’s intentions. This resource can help you develop new strategies to your capital campaign goals.


Transform annual fundraising

Your annual revenue depended on in-person events, admissions, or other earned revenue. Perhaps a stalwart major donor fell through. So, what now? 

It’s more important than ever to engage and retain your donors in a data driven way. It’s time to develop new ways of fundraising across multiple channels. How? Strong technology makes fundraising more efficient and more scalable. These tools enable development professionals to approach fundraising in a smart, systematic way. It’s the art and the science.


Build your team for the future

Your team has changed.  Perhaps your organization laid off valuable staff. Or staff are working twice as hard at home balancing work and family. And yet others are finding new meaning in their work.

When business returns to (somewhat) normal, it’s imperative to hire the best personnel.  Benefactor Group can help find new talent and advise on transition best-practices.


Stay on top of trends

In uncertain times like these, it can help to learn lessons from the past. Understand what fundraising in previous economic downturns can teach us about today.

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