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Is your major gifts program data-driven? Take the quiz!

Why does being data-driven matter? There are many reasons, top among them are:

  • You will realize the most value from the program
  • It helps your team allocate its more important resource: time

About the Assessment

A high-performing, data-driven major gifts program requires being effective in four key areas:


A major giving strategy provides clearly defined major giving objectives for the year. It is written, shared with staff, and guides day-to-day activities.

Prospect Development

Effective prospect development is a continuous, systematic, and strategic process that allows nonprofits to identify, engage, and nurture donors. Effective prospect development can make the difference between reactionary, sporadic fundraising, and a growing, sustainable fundraising program.


Managing an effective and efficient major giving program is a data challenge. That is where technology comes in. One of the key components of a data-driven major gifts program is technology that is configured and maintained data that is useful, usable, and (most importantly), used!

Donor Relations

Donor relations (aka stewardship) includes the actions taken to deepen relationships with donors. Donor relations includes communications designed to thank, inform, and engage; recognizing years of sustained giving; sending welcome packages; and reporting the impact of donors’ contributions. All this should be documented in a stewardship plan that is shared with development staff.

The following assessment will help you determine how you are performing in those four categories. At the end, you will see your scores and resources to help guide you.

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