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Columbus Medical Association Foundation

Through the Columbus Medical Association Foundation (CMAF), central Ohio physicians have, for decades, addressed emerging and emergency healthcare needs. The Physicians Free Clinic and Central Ohio Trauma System—both major projects of CMAF—are integral to emergency healthcare in the region and both suffer from the rising costs of medical supplies and services. When CMAF considered a campaign to help stabilize the future of the free clinic and the trauma system, the foundation invited Benefactor Group to conduct a feasibility study. With 40 interviews and the cooperation of an ad hoc study committee, Counsel tested a $4.1 million endowment campaign that would give these two projects long-term financial stability and independence. Based on the results of the study, Benefactor Group provided options—rather than a single campaign strategy—to help each project cultivate a firmer, broader donor base and wider recognition for the vital services each offers to the community.

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