A Compelling Case for Support  

A good Case positions the organization as a worthy of your attention and spells out the nonprofit’s impact, made possible by the generosity of donors.

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A Window of Opportunity: Gift Planning and the LGBTQ Community  

In 2013, the first version of this paper was published in Advancing Philanthropy. With the 2015 US Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges securing marriage equality, and the increased number of American adults identifying as LGBTQ, the authors continue to believe the potential impact of giving by the LGBTQ … Read More

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The Four Faces of Peer-to-Peer Events  

Why, What, and How Peer-to-peer events are an amazingly fast-growing source of funding. P2P event fundraising grew 55% in 2015. The top 30 peer fundraising programs alone raised nearly $1,530,000,000 in 2016. Tapping into the deep and wide networks of your supporters make P2P events an excellent way to recruit … Read More

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From Giving to Leading: Questions to Consider Before Joining the Board  

Should you join the board? Whether you are being asked to join the board of an art museum, social service agency, hospice, or any other type of nonprofit, ask yourself these questions.

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Fundraising Leadership and the Salt Shaker Theory  

With consistent application, constant-gentle-pressure creates a culture of accomplishment.

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Identifying Major Gift Prospects: 7 Traits to Investigate  

It’s crucial that nonprofits place measured emphasis on every stage of the major gift process. From identification to cultivation to solicitation to stewardship, each phase hinges on a nonprofit’s ability to connect with their donors and draw them to donate. That ability should be rooted in a researched knowledge of … Read More

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The Mighty Middle: How middle donors can provide a big return for your organization  

What’s the difference between major donors, mid-tier donors, and annual donors? Major donors are treated like family. Organizations celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries, extend them exclusive event invites, and tailor gift requests. Annual donors, on the other hand, contribute many small gifts after being solicited by mail, newsletter, or other … Read More

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Conquest or Cause  

For many nonprofit leaders, planning a capital campaign comes down to the question of “conquest or cause?”

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Marathon Center for the Performing Arts  

An Artistic Vision In Findlay, Ohio, a group of community leaders had long dreamed of a performing arts center. They recognized the value of a performance venue to the city. In 2010 the Findlay Board of Education announced demolition of Central Middle School. The school’s prime location in downtown Findlay … Read More

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Volunteer Management and the Salt Shaker Theory  

Applying Constant Gentle Pressure to Fundraising Volunteers How many times have you attended (or led) a lively discussion with a fundraising volunteer corps, left energized by their enthusiasm, only to check back in a week or two to learn that nothing’s been done? It can happen to the best campaign … Read More

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