Building a Better Annual Plan “By the Numbers”

Category: Capital Campaigns

Number One: Build your Case:

  • How will you change lives/save lives?
  • How much do you hope to raise?

Building a Case Why should donors give? Because…

  • Donors believe in your mission
  • Donors want to change lives/save lives
  • Donors want to be part of something successful
  • Donors are asked by someone they know/trust
  • Not because you “need money”

How much do you hope to raise?

  • Based on last year’s results
  • Based on analysis of this year’s potential
  • Incremental growth? Or leap strategy?
  • Not based on the “budget gap”

Build your Case for Support:  Build a Case for Your Organization

The top five reasons to give to your organization…
1 2 3 4 5

How much will you seek to raise?: $______________

Number Two:
From where did last year’s gifts come?
Small Gifts Big Gifts

Where are your donors?

Major gifts from individuals; corporate and foundation grants
Small Gifts= High Tech (Renewals and contributions via mail, phone, web)
Small Gifts= High Touch (Donor acquisition e.g. special events)
Big Gifts= High Tech (??)
Big Gifts= High Touch (Major gifts from individuals; corporate and foundation grants)

What’s your “R.O.I.” ?

Tactic                               % using tactic    Median Amt.
Raised per $1 spent
direct mail                           43%                   $10                Initial touch
telephone calls                     9%                   $11.90
special events                     62%                    $3.20            High labor/Low ROI=
major gifts                            66%                 $24                Most Effective!!
capital campaign                16%                      $20
planned giving                    20%                    $20

Increased involvement leads to larger gifts

Giving Pyramid

Planned Giving Donor (Personal contact only)
Capital Donor (Personal contact only)
Special/Major Gift Donor (Personal contact/letter/phone call)
Renewed/Upgrade Donor (Personal contact/special event/letter/phone call)
First Time Donor (Direct mail/telemarketing/special event/media/door-to-door)
Universe of Suspects/Prospects

Build Your Strategy:

How much do you hope to raise in the future?

  • From whom?
  • How will they be solicited?

Building a Strategy

Who will contribute?

  • Individuals (renewals, new)
  • Corporations (renewals, new)
  • Foundations (renewals, new)
  • Others (United Way, civic groups, government agencies)

How will they be solicited?

  • In person (staff or volunteers)
  • Mail or telephone (volunteers or professionals)
  • Special event(s) (staff + volunteers)
  • An application or proposal (staff)

“The Ladder of Effectiveness”

Peer-to-peer (75%+)
Staff-to-donor (40% – 60%)
Facilitated by volunteers (30% – 60%)
Mail/phone renewal (30% – 65%)
Telemarketing acquisition (2% – 4%)
Direct mail acquisition (less than 1%)
Projecting Broad-Base Fundraising Revenue

3 Variables:

  • # of constituents
  • % response rate
  • $ average gift size