Capital Campaigns

Nonprofit insights by Laura MacDonald

Checklist for Capital Campaign Readiness

You’ve made plans and set priorities for the year. Do those plans include a capital campaign? Depending on when you start the campaign this year, reference the following checklist to determine if you are ready.  (And if you are not yet ready, check out these useful resources to learn more.) When your campaign is three months

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Making Your Case

Looking for just the right words for a thank you note? Need concise information about your organization for a grant proposal? Want the best message to position your group in new fundraising materials? Your case for support is the place to look. It is one of your most important—and useful—tools. Your message is critical. In

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Leadership and Job Openings

Chief Development Officer, OhioHealth Foundation

The System VP Foundation/Chief Development Officer reports to the President of the OhioHealth Foundation, who in turn reports to the Chief Executive Officer, and is responsible for meeting fundraising goals for the health system.  The Chief Development Officer creates a system-wide fundraising strategy and implements detailed plans to achieve the Foundation’s objectives.  The position is

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Gift Planning Officer, The American Red Cross

Summary: The Gift Planning Unit at the American Red Cross seeks to secure planned gifts supporting any component of the organization’s mission and to establish the Red Cross as the charity of choice for such gifts. The Gift Planning Officer is a field based position that develops, designs and implements the planned giving program for

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Administrative Assistant, Benefactor Group

We are seeking an Administrative Assistant to join our team. The position has a 30-hour per week work schedule and will be responsible for supporting our staff with a variety of administrative functions, including report generation, maintaining records, files, and administrative processes and systems. The position requires a significant amount of external/phone interaction such as scheduling interviews.

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Fundraising Consultants

The Way You Share Your Message Is As Important As The Message Itself

Nonprofits often come to Benefactor Group with a simple charge: help us tell our story better. One important question that we ask is: do you know how your donors are consuming information about your organization? Read on to find out how to discover the best vehicles to deliver your message.

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The Importance of Managing Internal Relationships

It’s the development officer’s job to build strong relationships. We spend much of our time focused on bonding with donors, funders, and others. But that’s only half of the challenge. Rapport with colleagues can be just as important—and just as rewarding. The points in this article can help you stay successful, even under difficult conditions.

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Donor Recognition

To honor donors’ generosity and sustain the giving tradition, organizations have a duty to demonstrate gratitude. But it’s not as simple as sending a note or printing names in a newsletter. There are pitfalls and opportunities. Here are a few of the principles we’ve learned.

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