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The Campaign’s Homestretch

COSI, Columbus, Ohio’s dynamic Center of Science and Industry, inspires the scientists, explorers, and innovators of tomorrow. Opened in 1964, COSI attracts nearly one million visitors annually onsite and through outreach programs. In 2012, COSI launched a $10 million campaign to strengthen the impact of real, relevant science for all ages. COSI hired Benefactor Group

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Checklist for Capital Campaign Readiness

You’ve made plans and set priorities for the year. Do those plans include a capital campaign? Depending on when you start the campaign this year, reference the following checklist to determine if you are ready.  (And if you are not yet ready, check out these useful resources to learn more.) When your campaign is three months

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Leadership and Job Openings

Chief Development Officer: National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

About National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Vision: We are a museum that celebrates life. Czech life. Slovak life. American life. We are a museum that encourages self-discovery; a museum that asks what it means to be free. Through extraordinary exhibitions and experiences, we tell stories of freedom and identity, family and community, human

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President: Moses Taylor Foundation

About the Moses Taylor Foundation History The Moses Taylor Foundation was established as the result of the 2012 sale of Moses Taylor Health System to a for-profit healthcare system. An initial investment in excess of $65 million provides the Foundation with the opportunity to create and build a grantmaking foundation to serve the health needs

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Effective Fundraising Leaders

Note: A recent national study raised serious concerns about the sustainability of current fundraising models. At Benefactor Group, we’ve been reflecting on the study and its implications for our friends in the nonprofit space. We’ll share our thoughts occasionally in Good Words. We devote our first exploration to an essential element of sustainable fundraising: Leadership. The health

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Fundraising Consultants

The Way You Share Your Message Is As Important As The Message Itself

Nonprofits often come to Benefactor Group with a simple charge: help us tell our story better. One important question that we ask is: do you know how your donors are consuming information about your organization? Read on to find out how to discover the best vehicles to deliver your message.

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The Importance of Managing Internal Relationships

It’s the development officer’s job to build strong relationships. We spend much of our time focused on bonding with donors, funders, and others. But that’s only half of the challenge. Rapport with colleagues can be just as important—and just as rewarding. The points in this article can help you stay successful, even under difficult conditions.

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Donor Recognition

To honor donors’ generosity and sustain the giving tradition, organizations have a duty to demonstrate gratitude. But it’s not as simple as sending a note or printing names in a newsletter. There are pitfalls and opportunities. Here are a few of the principles we’ve learned.

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