Women and Philanthropy – Diana Newman

Q: What are some general trends you’ve noticed lately within the women’s philanthropic sector – has anything changed significantly over the past few years?

A: Yes, there has been significant change in the past few years. To site just a few . . .

  • The percentage of women on nonprofit boards has increased by 5% since 2007—to 45%. Larger organizations and larger boards tend to have a smaller percentage of women.
  • Women’s foundations are growing and exerting influence on philanthropy. Today there are more than 165 women’s funds in 27 countries  on six continents.
  • Women’s giving circles are booming. They center on group fundraising, a more open approach to grantmaking, and issues that directly effect women.
  • Women are stepping forward to make significant gifts. For example, since 2007 the Women Moving Millions campaign has attracted over $200 million from 150 women to organizations that advance women and girls around the world.

Q: What do women support in terms of charitable giving?

A: Women are giving increasingly to transformational philanthropy, reflecting increasing donor interest in connecting to the bigger picture for greater impact. Also, women are drawn to causes and organizations with which they or family members are connected.

Q: Are women more likely to make charitable gifts than men?

A: The “Women Give 2012” report, published in August by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, stated “boomer and older women are more likely to give to charity and give more than their male counterparts when other factors affecting giving are taken into consideration.’ Women donate 89 percent more of their money to charity than men of the same age and income level. See the full study at: www.philanthropy.iupui.edu/womengive2012