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Consider an Endowment

Are you confused about endowments? Do you wonder whether trying to build an endowment is worth the effort? Have you considered the benefits of an endowment, both to your organization and to your donors? What is an Endowment? An “endowment” is composed of one or more “endowed funds” containing financial … Read More

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Understanding Endowment

Endowments are hot topics these days. In nearly every issue, The Chronicle of Philanthropy describes multimillion-dollar gifts to the endowments of some of the largest and most powerful charitable organizations, especially universities and hospital systems. But many organizations are not included in this outpouring of largess. And often the executive directors … Read More

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Why I Love Planned Giving

It’s the people, pure and simple. What other job permits us to talk with successful and generous people about their families, backgrounds, values, and dreams? I first started in this business in the early 1980s at the Ohio Historical Society. Perhaps because of that institution and my interest in history, … Read More

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