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Donor Recognition

To honor donors’ generosity and sustain the giving tradition, organizations have a duty to demonstrate gratitude. But it’s not as simple as sending a note or printing names in a newsletter. There are pitfalls and opportunities. Here are a few of the principles we’ve learned.

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Showing Honor

Planned giving often involves a reciprocal exchange relationship in which donors have certain expectations of the organizations they support.  Planned gift donors have made investments in the long-term viability and growth of organizations that they value.  They have entrusted their philanthropic aspirations into the care and custody of specific charitable … Read More

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Personal and Public Recognition

DONOR RECOGNITION When donor recognition is considered, development professionals often think in terms of published donor lists, walls of honor in lobbies, and plaques for the donors’ offices. Yet the most appreciated ways to honor donors are often simple and personal benefits, customized to the donor’s needs and interests. Meaningful … Read More

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