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Stop the Revolving Door in Nonprofit Development

No matter the size, scope, or mission of your nonprofit, your development staff is crucial in sustaining your operations for today and your impact for tomorrow. By investing in these professionals—and ensuring their longevity in your organization—your nonprofit will have both the funding and the focus to achieve its goals.

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Arts and Culture Q&A with Laura MacDonald

Q: What general trends have you noticed lately among arts and culture organizations? Has anything changed significantly over the past few years? A: Leaders in arts and culture recognize that old funding models won’t sustain their organizations in the future. Public funding is eroding.  Institutional funders’ (corporate and foundation) support for … Read More

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Diversifying Endowment Donors

Donors who make planned gifts nearly always are financially secure (which is not to say wealthy), highly acculturated into the American way of life, and involved in a community larger than their own families. They visualize solutions to intractable problems and identify with organizations that provide opportunities for many people, … Read More

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