Our Top 5 Stories From 2019

Category: News

Giving USA: A Volatile Year for Philanthropy – Benefactor Group looks at the results of the 2019 release of Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy©, the longest-running, most comprehensive report on philanthropy in America. This year’s report shows that it was a volatile year for philanthropy, in which the numbers only tell part of the story. Our seventh annual Bene Graphic portrays this volatile year as a series of science experiments.

Campaigns Are Like Marathons series Think of a capital or comprehensive campaign like running a marathon. You wouldn’t show up at the starting line without training, or immediately sit down as soon as you crossed the finish line. Our 5-part series takes a look at how to manage each phase of a campaign to ensure you successfully cross the finish line and reach your goal – and beyond. 

What Differentiates a Nonprofit SearchRecruiting for nonprofit leadership positions requires an understanding and appreciation of the differences of the sector and the unique competencies required for its leadership. There are several factors that differentiate a nonprofit executive search from its corporate counterpart. 

How to Use Stories in Fundraising – Stories cut through the jargon and move us to action in many ways that statistics cannot. They engage more parts of the brain than facts alone, including an increased release of oxytocin synthesis—the “empathy” hormone. Learning how to use them in your fundraising and case for support can make all the difference.  

Funding Our Public Spaces – The importance of public spaces—urban parks, multi-use green spaces, conservatories—has never been greater, as they offer critical solutions to 21st-century challenges. True to their nature as “public goods,” these places benefit all, but the question of accountability complicates the situation. Many green spaces are overseen by nonprofit entities, but also involve partners and funders such as public entities. With so many players, the lines regarding funding for upkeep and improvements are often quite blurry.