Giving USA 2019 Highlights: Benefactor Group In the News

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Giving USA 2019: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for 2018, was released on June 18, and questions about the data and its possible impact on nonprofits and fundraising immediately followed. As Vice Chair of the Giving USA Foundation, Laura MacDonald has been busy breaking down the data and trying to answer questions about how organizations can find their way forward in this volatile atmosphere of giving. Below are some Giving USA 2019 highlights worth reading:

Giving USA 2019: Americans gave $427.71 Billion to charity in 2018 amid complex year for charitable giving (click to read more)
Laura MacDonald, who serves as Vice Chair of the Giving USA Foundation, participated in the virtual press conference announcing the findings of this year’s data. It was certainly a volatile year for philanthropy.

Charitable Giving by Individual Americans Drops in 2018 (click to read more)
Charitable giving by individual Americans in 2018 suffered its biggest drop since the Great Recession of 2008-09, according to the latest comprehensive report on Americans’ giving patterns. Laura MacDonald is among the experts to weigh in on the Giving USA findings, and discusses what it might mean for nonprofits.

Charitable contributions take a hit following tax reform (click to read more)
People don’t necessarily donate to charity because of tax benefit. At the same time, without it, they are likely to give less. Laura MacDonald weighs in on the factors that impacted this year’s Giving USA findings.

Individual Giving in 2018 Drops to $292.1 Billion (click to read more)
“The environment for giving in 2018 was far more complex than most years.” Laura MacDonald talks about the volatility of philanthropy in 2018, as part of a discussion around the Giving USA 2019 data that was released this week.

Giving USA Report: Tax Changes, Stock Market Leave Damper on Charitable Picture (click to read more)
But, not all Giving USA 2019 news was bad. “Despite declines in 2018, many sub-sectors experienced their second-best year for giving ever, when adjusting for inflation,” said Laura MacDonald, the vice chair of the Giving USA Foundation.  She notes that the shifts deserve a deeper context.

What Fundraisers Should Do Next: How ‘Giving USA’ findings point to smart strategies (click to read more)
This year’s “Giving USA” report was released Tuesday, June 18, and the picture isn’t rosy: Contributions to charity fell 1.7 percent in 2018. Donors held onto their dollars in response to the new federal tax code and a rocky December stock market. So how do the new findings influence what charities should do in the year ahead? Here’s what Laura MacDonald and other fundraisers and consultants recommend.

Individuals are more tight fisted due to tax changes, Giving USA says (click to read more)
Laura MacDonald advises that the information compiled annually can be used by individuals, corporations and foundations to see how they compare to other donors, and by nonprofits to help hone their messages.

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