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Finding the Best Fit: The Questions You Should Ask When Finding Board Members  

You have openings on your board. Finding new board members is a big responsibility—and a great opportunity! Take the time to find candidates who are the best fit.

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From Giving to Leading: Questions to Consider Before Joining the Board  

Should you join the board? Whether you are being asked to join the board of an art museum, social service agency, hospice, or any other type of nonprofit, ask yourself these questions.

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Leadership Transition: Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Why is leadership transition so important? A: Identifying and recruiting the leadership most suitable to your mission and culture is critical to a successful future. Changes in leadership are pivotal occasions and may be leveraged to build capacity and advance the sustainability and impact of your organization. Q: What … Read More

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Stop the Revolving Door in Nonprofit Development  

No matter the size, scope, or mission of your nonprofit, your development staff is crucial in sustaining your operations for today and your impact for tomorrow. By investing in these professionals—and ensuring their longevity in your organization—your nonprofit will have both the funding and the focus to achieve its goals.

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Muskingum County Community Foundation  

Strategic Planning for Stronger Community Impact The Muskingum County Community Foundation (MCCF) has proudly served the people of Zanesville and the surrounding region since 1985. Over the years, MCCF has celebrated countless successes—from promoting educational initiatives to supporting Zanesville’s flourishing arts scene. A recent shift in the foundation’s leadership gave … Read More

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Hiring a Nonprofit CEO  

What’s the best way to identify and hire the most qualified person to lead the organization into the future? It isn’t as easy at it appears and it’s definitely not a task to be taken lightly.

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Effective Fundraising Leaders  

An essential element of sustainable fundraising: Leadership.

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Strategic Planning: A Journey of Discovery  

In ancient Greece, a pilgrimage to Delphi was a journey of self discovery. Upon arrival, travelers found the words “Know Thyself” inscribed at the entrance of the ancient Temple of Apollo. They are fitting words for any organization embarking on a strategic planning process. Organizational discovery inspires the strategic planning … Read More

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Leadership Transition FAQ  

Why is leadership transition so important?

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Planning to Plan: Hosted by the Columbus Foundation  

Planning to Plan- presentation by Laura MacDonald, hosted by the Columbus Foundation in September, 2012 Click here to download: Cbus Fdn Strat Plan (1)

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