Cases for Support

A Compelling Case for Support  

A good Case positions the organization as a worthy of your attention and spells out the nonprofit’s impact, made possible by the generosity of donors.

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Making Your Case  

Looking for just the right words for a thank you note? Need concise information about your organization for a grant proposal? Want the message to position your group in new fundraising materials? Your case for support is the place to look. It is one of your most important – and … Read More

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Checklist for Capital Campaign Readiness  

You’ve made plans and set priorities for the year. Do those plans include a capital campaign? Depending on when you start the campaign this year, reference the following checklist to determine if you are ready.  (And if you are not yet ready, check out these useful resources to learn more.) … Read More

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Building a Better Annual Plan “By the Numbers”  

Number One: Build your Case: How will you change lives/save lives? How much do you hope to raise? Building a Case Why should donors give? Because… Donors believe in your mission Donors want to change lives/save lives Donors want to be part of something successful Donors are asked by someone they know/trust … Read More

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Case For Support FAQ  

In its simplest form, the case for support is a philanthropic investment prospectus: a straightforward document that tells prospective donors what your organization hopes to accomplish with their philanthropic gifts.

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