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Money to represent what fundraisers need to know about fundraising and the CARES Act.
General Development

Fundraisers and the CARES Act

The CARES Act includes several provisions to encourage charitable giving and bolster household income. These provisions may be used to encourage donors now—and for the

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Megan Simmons headshot with name.
General Development

Why I Serve – Megan Simmons

How did you get involved in serving nonprofit organizations? Volunteering. Recently, for a start-up public health group, and before that, my public library, and a

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Funding Public Spaces
General Development

Funding our Public Spaces

The importance of public spaces—urban parks, multi-use green spaces, conservatories—has never been greater. Green spaces offer critical solutions to 21st-century challenges; they improve mental and physical health, enhance our air and water, attract residents and businesses, benefit local economies through increased tourism and spending, and build community as spaces of diversity and inclusion. True to their nature as “public goods,” these places benefit all.

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