Benefactor Spotlight – Allison Mellor

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Allison Mellor, a Strategic Communications major at The Ohio State University, spent the Fall semester as an intern with the Benefactor Group as she prepares to graduate in May 2020. But it’s her minor in professional writing that connected her with Benefactor. 

A requirement of her professional writing minor is the completion of an internship. The department’s professional writing coordinator connects the students with a list of employers in the Columbus area. These employers oftentimes are nonprofit organizations that can offer students hands-on transferable experiences, while providing Ohio State the opportunity to invest in the community. 

After submitting her resume and cover letter, Allison was matched with Benefactor Group, which was her first choice. She notes, “I’ve always had a passion for making the world 1% better.” With a business background, she was looking for an opportunity that would provide experience in writing, while allowing her to stretch beyond that. 

Her internship with Benefactor Group provided that opportunity. She describes a diversity of experiences as one of the most valuable aspects of her time at Benefactor. She says, “ it’s definitely not one of those internships where you do the same thing over and over again. If you’re willing to ask questions, stay curious, and show interest, they will gladly help you reach your full potential.”

Her accomplishments during her internship include everything from long-form writing to quick blurbs for bios to presentations for clients  and fundraising professionals. In addition, she coordinated a trip for nine Benefactor employees to volunteer at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. From initiating the project to coordinating it and actually volunteering, Allison enjoyed seeing the project grow and says, “it’s amazing to be on the front lines rather than just behind the computer.”

Allison is not the first intern to come to the Benefactor Group from the professional writing program at Ohio State. Megan Simmons, current Consultant and Senior Writer at Benefactor Group, also began her tenure with the firm as an intern and transitioned to a full-time consultant following her graduation. 

The partnership between the writing program and Benefactor Group is a valuable one. The rigor of the writing program sharpens students’ communication skills, and Benefactor Group provides students with meaningful learning opportunities.” Megan goes on to say, “As a past program participant, I found that the classroom experience improved my writing, and the internship led to full-time work that I love!”

As Allison looks forward to her future career – which she sees at “the intersection of marketing, research, and psychology” — she reflects fondly on her time at Benefactor Group and the impact the group has on the community. “In Columbus and even nationally, Benefactor focuses on doing good work.” She goes on to say that “while they have always been a force in Columbus, they’re  coming into the national limelight because the focus is on delivering impactful work and elevating their clients, not just talking about themselves.”